CASHA for Individuals
More capabilities unleashed
CASHA tokens provide the functionality of a blockchain-based token without the volatility typically associated with cryptocurrencies.
Benefits for Individuals

CASHA tokens provide a suite of important benefits.

  • Widely available
    Use CASHA tokens across multiple exchanges. Discover the ecosystem built around CASHA.
  • Fast transfers
    Fast transfers across the world without the worry of legacy banking delays.
  • Reduced volatility
    Minimize the chances of the decreasing value of your digital assets by holding CASHA tokens.
  • Multiple fiat currencies options
    CASHA tokens are available in US dollars (CASHA) to better accommodate your needs.
  • Low fees
    Move small or big amounts at low cost with CASHA tokens.

OTC Service

CASHA WORLD provides a premium service for making cryptocurrency transactions with personal terms