The creator of CASHA spoke about the current risks for cryptocurrencies and technologies in general. What are they like?

Artificial intelligence and the stagnation of the crypto industry are among the main reasons for concern for the creator of CASHA Dmitry Antonychev. The day before, he held a question answering session (AMA) on the decentralized social mining platform Runet. During the event, the participants of the blockchain community asked the developer about current problems in the field of innovation. We tell you about Dmitry's point of view on what is happening in more detail.

Dmitry Antonychev regularly comments on what is happening in the field of technology, voicing his own thoughts for possible improvement of the situation. For example, at the end of September 2023, he spoke about the key features of digital assets that are in the greatest demand.

And although coins are often perceived solely as a tool for speculation, Dmitry called the crypt a serious assistant for residents of countries with developing economies. Nevertheless, coins and tokens in this case allow citizens to both preserve their earned value and protect themselves from inflation in the future, and gain access to the international economy, which is usually very difficult to achieve with conventional fiat money.

What will happen to cryptocurrencies in the future?
Specifically, in the context of the cryptosphere, one of the most critical problems may be its improper development. Here is a quote from Dmitry about this.
There is a risk that the crypt will go into stagnation. That is, things like privacy and the open structure of the Internet will remain forgotten.

Dmitry does not specify exactly how this can happen. Although the developer admits that over time the role of user privacy may decrease significantly, and this will also affect the popularity of decentralized assets. Obviously, in such a scenario, the state may be interested, which is unprofitable to lose influence over people due to control over fiat money, taking into account the popularization of the crypt. However, this version is only one possible scenario, which means that such a thing does not have to happen.

Another reason for concern for the Russian developer is the rapid development of the field of artificial intelligence. There are many technical, ethical and social problems associated with it. Dmitry also often reflects on exactly how the CASHA community "could help in this matter."

This is not the first time Dmitry has expressed concern about artificial intelligence. Earlier, he published an article about the dangers of deepfakes and the use of AI technology to steal a person's identity. Dmitry's article was published in the context of the launch of the Worldcoin project, which supposedly should provide the most reliable way to verify identity using the retina of the eye.

The CASHA ecosystem is already making a significant contribution to the development of alternative platforms that inherently coincide with Dmitry Antonychev's vision. For example, the already mentioned Runet social mining platform, where the question answering session was held, is part of the world of decentralized protocols. According to Dmitry, they have the potential to grow to the level of Meta (Facebook) in the future.