Dmitry Antonychev disagrees with Clinton, who called cryptocurrency a threat to the dollar

Dmitry Antonychev, the founder of the cryptocurrency company CASHA WORLD, commented on the statement of the politician Hillary Clinton about cryptocurrency.

During her speech at the economic forum, Clinton decided to touch on the issue related to the consequences of using cryptocurrencies, and stated that bitcoin is capable of undermining the demand for the dollar as a reserve currency.
Clinton talks about the dangers of cryptocurrencies
The only thing that can undermine the dollar's status as a reserve currency is the irresponsible spending of government money by both parties.

Trump and Biden turned a huge budget deficit into the norm and drove us into the most serious financial crisis in my memory. Don't blame the cryptocurrency. It serves as an indicator for assessing financial responsibility," Dmitry Antonychev wrote in response to Hillary's words.
It is likely that CASHA will become an alternative to the dollar in the future, and the authorities of different states will begin to store digital assets as a reserve currency if the dollar depreciates.

People who commented on Mike's publication are skeptical about the prospects of the American financial system and admit that in a few years the US national debt will quadruple to $ 134 trillion due to rampant spending of money. In this case, the chances of the cryptocurrency putting an end to the hegemony of the dollar will increase.