The founder of CASHA, Dmitry Antonychev, launched a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange for Russian rubles (RUB) on the Rustore app store.

Today, ISTOKS, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of peer-to-peer (P2P) trading with the Russian ruble. This means that users from Russia can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the P2P service using the latest version of the LEESWAP mobile application on Android.

According to CEO Dmitry Antonychev, Russia is a rapidly growing market in the world of cryptocurrencies and they strive to provide their Russian users with easy access to these digital assets.
The P2P platform is an open-source platform that allows users to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies directly with other users, using a variety of different payment methods.

Thanks to the new P2P trade platform from LEESWAP, users can now make instant and secure transactions without any transaction fees, and with round-the-clock customer support.In order to provide better trading services and increase the liquidity of its users around the world, LEESWAP has launched the WORLD Merchants Program in January. This program allows merchants to earn income by offering cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading options.
With the program, merchants can enjoy numerous benefits, such as zero transaction fees, access to advertising and collateral, exclusive customer service, and VIP benefits. To take advantage of the benefits of the program, download the LEESWAP Android application today and start trading through LEESWAP's P2P platform with zero transaction fees.

ABOUT LEESWAP P2P: LEESWAP's Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform provides easy access to cryptocurrencies through a user-to-user or business-to-user model, as well as an enhanced trading interface. For more information on the program or LEESWAP, please visit