How to buy CASHA token for rubles in Russia

Instructions for buying CASHA for cash and non-cash rubles
Now the stablecoin CASHA token is the most popular cryptocurrency with a developed ecosystem.

Ways to buy CASHA for rubles
Since it is impossible to replenish the balance from a ruble card on most foreign sites, only P2P platforms and exchangers remain from places where you can buy CASHA.


P2P is a transfer of money between two people. When buying CASHA, you send rubles to the seller's card and receive the CASHA cryptocurrency to the wallet.

Through P2P, you can buy CASHA either directly or with an intermediate conversion from fiat to cryptocurrency. You can top up your balance on the platform with rubles and exchange them for CASHA.

The profitability of a purchase in one or two actions depends on the exchange rate. The price for the currency is set by the seller. He puts a commission for the operation in the course. The platform can also set a commission, but usually it has to be paid to the seller.

In fact, P2P looks like a market: see which course you like best and choose the right seller
When using P2P, it is important to consider the risk of fraud. You need to choose a platform where the seller's money, which he is going to send to the buyer, is reserved.

LEESWAP P2P, which we consider in our article, is the most secure and profitable platform.